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Image by Nikolas Gannon
Image by Nikolas Gannon

Project RAI

Advocacy, support, and community for queer youth


A Bit of Background

Here at Project RAI, we are driven by a single goal; to reduce the statistics of suicide in LGBTQ+ youth. We work with youth to affirm their existence and help them become their most authentic selves. We also work with their supportive adults to build trust and confidence on their journey of supporting their LGBTQ+ youth.

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We help youth feel confident in their own skin

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Reinforcing our Commitment

Our mission is to support children no matter who they are. We will work with youth 3-15 to support their journey in becoming comfortable with who they are. We want to make sure they know they have an ally in their corner as they make the tough journey to their identity. We will never put a child down for being their most authentic self.

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One Step at a Time

At Project RAI, one of our goals is to support adult caregivers of gender queer children.  We will meet monthly to discuss the unique challenges, bright spots, and questions that arise when raising a child who is LGBTQ. We can also support families by giving them resources to other professionals who might be able to guide them in their parenting journey.

"We deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise."

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